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How words could describe my words.

Tell me something, anything.  

In an way, it’s about believing that your dissatisfaction with where you’ve been is sort of this divine gift that’s bringing you towards something that’s even more meant for you, more aligned with your soul’s purpose in a way.

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Northern Virginia (Arlington, VA)by Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson. Copr. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Therapy is for people with more money than problems.


Northern Virginia (Arlington, VA)
by Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson. Copr. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Therapy is for people with more money than problems.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday… I would appreciate not receiving any happy birthdays.. the reason is that I don’t believe that a me that has spent 7671 days on this earth.. is more wise than a me who spent 7670 days on it. My maturity and my wisdom (the little I have, perhaps) has come from moments in my life that do not come on planned dates, and rather that surprise me. It is how I

deal with these moments that reveal my character, and how I reflect upon them later, determines who I am.. not a date in time. To me, my 21st birthday marks absolutely nothing. (Please no comments on that I can drink legally, I’ve been drinking all my life and I certainly don’t give two shits about what the government thinks I can and can’t do).

This is not meant to be bitchy or preachy… I just don’t really want you to waste the time wishing me a happy birthday when it will only upset me. If you have a physical need to wish me a happy birthday for some reason, you should wish it to my mother.. since she did all the work. Thanks for reading. =)

Impromptu beach trip. Arrival time 2000.

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Dakota’s filmography: color analysis

All of this…

All of this…


I think my earliest memory is a dream. and in the dream I’m riding a train. but I know that I’m not just riding this train, which is kind of curving around the edge of a cliff and there’s a river at the bottom of it. I know that I’m also at the bottom of the river looking up and watching myself ride the train. I’m also seeing the train from above. I’m seeing it just like a movie. I feel like I’m watching myself go somewhere beautiful.

I keep these sets of images from childhood, or maybe from life really, so that I can retreat to them when I’m trying to pick up the pieces. I think a lot of the time, I am perceiving myself through the eyes of being haunted by ghosts that are both my own and maybe real. it’s an atmosphere that you can almost enter, as if it were a haunted house of someone else’s memories. both spooky and sweet. like a haunted train ride through the woods or a vision from underwater.

Yeah went with mom to th art museum. then a little in Georgetown. This summer like a saturday in May lets meet up in georgetown for lunch and then shopping. Ill pick a weekend and put it in our iPad calendars. Saving this text from Ty forever. He doesn’t know it, but it captures every essence of his being. Except maybe throw in “and I saw a chickadee” somewhere in there. Such a great and interesting kid.

I’d like to dedicate the exact replica of this song, with pauses for conversations and all, to February 17, 2014.

…Should’ve went with the stripper-gram.

Fall asleep peacefully to this.